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Raspberry Ketone Reviews: Do Raspberry Ketones Work?

raspberry ketone benefits Raspberry Ketone Reviews: Do Raspberry Ketones Work?With so many fad diet products marketed these days, it’s not surprising that we are all skeptical when a new supplement receives as much publicity as raspberry ketones have recently. The case for ketones states that they cause effortless weight loss in as little as two weeks’ time. But how exactly does raspberry ketone work, and is there rigorous research to back up these impressive claims? Before you buy yet another diet product online, we have compiled a large collection of reviews and analyses on the raspberry ketone diet to help you determine whether this supplement is right for you.

Raspberry ketones were initially used as aromatic compounds in food production and the perfume industry. This chemical has also been used in the cosmetic industry to give scents to lip balms and facial creams. What is noteworthy is that the raspberry ketone extract has been deployed in products for human use since the 1960s with no cases of reported side effects. In fact, the compound has been approved by the FDA since the year 1965. As such, when it was discovered in 2004 that ketones can promote substantial weight loss without causing unwanted side effects, many nutrition and fitness enthusiasts immediately began using the supplements.

Unlike a number of other herbal weight loss supplements, raspberry ketone can be purchased for as little as $15 a bottle. Many of the herbal fat boosters that are marketed for $40 to $60 a bottle are not cost-effective because they cannot be generically produced. For example, a typical dosage of raspberry ketones is a 200 mg tablet. If you were to harvest red raspberries and extract this amount of ketones directly from the plant, you would need approximately 60 kilograms of fresh raspberries. Not only that, the extraction process itself would cost thousands of dollars to isolate the ketone chemical. Fortunately, the 4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)butan-2-one structure of raspberry ketone can be synthesized in a lab at much cheaper costs and will produce the exact same results.

buy%20pure%20raspberry%20ketones Raspberry Ketone Reviews: Do Raspberry Ketones Work?

How exactly does the ketone supplement function within the human body? To explain, we have to first take a step back and understand how the human metabolism works. You probably know that the food you eat is broken down by the body into three main grouping: proteins, glucose (sugar), and fats. Protein is then converted into lean muscle mass when you exercise and exert your muscles. And the glucose is used to provide immediate energy to the cells for performing various ongoing tasks and to support energy needs during exercise.

Fat that is consumed is first stored in the form of glycogen – a short-term energy reserve that is preserved in case of starvation. When you consume too much fat, it cannot all be stored as glycogen. Instead, the remainder is stored as fat deposit in various body parts like the abdomen, hips, thighs, breast, underarm and buttocks. If your fat stores are too large, it can not only affect the way you feel about your body, it can contribute to long-lasting health problems. Eliminating these excess fat deposits is essential to ensuring that you are at your healthiest and that you can perform at optimal fitness levels.

When you start dieting, your body will automatically detect that there is a reduction in food intake and it will tap into that reserved glycogen to meet its energy needs. The stored glycogen is broken down to make glucose to fuel body functions. But it is also broken down to produce ketone. These ketones send a signal to the body to start burning more fat to meet its energy needs through a hormone known as adiponectin. When you take raspberry ketone supplements, you are essentially tricking your body into thinking it is in this state of heightened glycogen utilization.

red raspberry ketone pure Raspberry Ketone Reviews: Do Raspberry Ketones Work?As a result, when raspberry ketone is introduced into the body, it targets fat cells at a rapid rate. Instead of letting the body accumulate fat, it stimulates the lipid metabolic system and other hormones to burn the excess fat and convert it to energy. It does this by both increasing the body’s energy output levels through thermogenesis and by making it more efficient for the body to burn fat through increased oxidation levels. When this occurs, your body starts to get more of its typical energy needs by expending fat deposits than through glucose.

The effectiveness of this supplement on weight loss was first demonstrated by a 2005 study conducted by Chie Morimoto at Ehime University in Japan. Morimoto et. al reported that mice fed a high fat diet followed by ketone supplements lost a substantial amount of weight as opposed to mice who did not receive the supplement. Their results showed that raspberry ketone greatly increased metabolization of white adipocytes – otherwise known as fat tissue deposits in the body. These results were present even after only two weeks of taking the supplement on a daily basis. While it is recommended that you use raspberry ketone supplements along with a healthy diet and exercise to achieve maximal results, taking this so-called “miracle drug” can definitely give you the head start you need to shed those pounds and get to your goal weight.

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